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radon testing chicago - the home inspection manWhat is Radon?

This is basically a radioactive gas that causes cancer. It has no odor or taste. Also, one cannot see it and will definitely be a problem in your house. Radon is said to be the second cause leading to lung cancer in the USA.

If you love smoking and the home you live in has high levels of radon, there are very high chances for you to develop lung cancer. Studies have revealed that there are chances that children are more sensitive to Radon. This is most probably due to their higher rate of respiration and their cells which divide rapidly and may be more susceptible to damage through radiation.

Importance of a Radon testing In Your Home

# 1 Radon has been present in homes all across the USA

This radioactive gas has been present in homes all across the USA (yes, even in Chicago, Illinois). It is produced during the breakdown (natural) of Uranium in rock and water and soil and is released into the air. Radon basically moves from the ground to the air and gets into one`s home through holes and may be cracks found in the foundation. Radon may also enter one`s home through the water sourced from the well. A house is also capable of trapping Radon inside it.

Radon issues can be present in any home whether or old or new or homes with basements or those without. Actually, people are very likely to be exposed to radiation at their homes. One in every fifteen homes in the USA is said to have elevated levels (4 pCi/L or more) of radon (approximately). It is better to be safe than sorry and for this reason, let your home be tested for Radon gas.

# 2 It is recommended by the EPA and Surgeon General that you get your home tested

By testing, you will know whether you and your family are at danger from Radon. It is recommended that homes, especially below the third floor, be tested for radon. Radon levels in your home cannot be predicted considering state or neighborhood measurements. It is not advisable to rely on radon tests performed in the neighborhood to approximate the levels of radon in your home. Houses neighboring each other may have different levels of radon. By testing your home, you can be sure and exact in the amount of level of radon in your home. In other areas, organizations may offer various kinds of radon agreements (service).

Some agreements make it possible for one to pay a fee (one-time) that covers radon mitigation together with radon testing if needed. Radon gas is all over be it indoors or outdoors. Since it is linked with lung cancer it has been considered a carcinogen by the EPA, WHO and USA health and human services department among other bodies. Chicago Radon testing is not expensive and this is very good news.

# 3 Radon gas fluctuates over time

A radon test is recommended every 2-5 years since the levels of radon may fluctuate in the same house over time. One might consider the levels that were recorded 2 years ago which might not be very accurate. Radon test is recommended for both old and new homes due to this factor.

# 4 Radon is real

It is not a myth and one should not make decisions on their homes based on the results handed to their neighbor for a radon test since radon levels vary even within neighborhoods.

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