Recommended Home Inspector

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Should a Homebuyer Hire a Home Inspector Recommended by an Agent?   Before buying a house, a homebuyer should first make sure the property is of good condition. That is why there is an utmost need to hire the services of a good, qualified, and credible home inspector. If you are a first-time buyer, how could you find such a good home inspector? Home sellers or agents usually recommend several inspectors that buyers could hire. Would you hire those inspectors? Or will you find a home Continue Reading ...

People In Your Neighborhood: Home Inspector

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A home inspector, living up to its name, inspects houses to make sure that it has abided or followed local building codes. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is seeing an increase on the number of home inspectors. There is an expected growth of 18 percent from years 2006 to 2016. This can be considerably higher than other jobs, but there is a possibility that there would be additional certification requirements A home inspector should be knowledgeable of different building codes and Continue Reading ...

Making the Most Out of Home Inspection Process

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Finding a new home may be one of your biggest and most treasured investment and in order for you to ensure that you are protecting that investment it would be best to know how to make the most out of the home inspection process. Home inspectors may turn out to be your best friends in ensuring that you make the most out of your investment. Therefore, see how to look for a good home inspector. Many homeowners usually say that they can do the home inspection themselves, however even the most Continue Reading ...

Good Home Inspector

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Are you out in the market to buy or sell a house, then surely you must know how to look for a good home inspector. Home inspectors are usually tasked to assess or appraise the present condition of a house or real estate property, as a way of ensuring consumer protection and reliability of a house or property being bought or sold in the market. A home inspection process is usually a thorough yet non-invasive examination or assessment on a current condition of the house. Home inspectors are Continue Reading ...

Home Inspector Examination

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How to Best Prepare Your Home for Examination by a Home Inspector   It is important to know how to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector, most especially for those who are first time home investor, regardless of whether a seller or buyer. It is important to have a home inspector examine the home, especially since it is crucial to know whether a house is fit for sale or purchase by thoroughly checking the house rather than just being content with what can be seen Continue Reading ...

Home Inspector Checklist Items

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Home inspections generally vary across states, cities, and countries. For example, home inspections in California may be different in scope when compared to home inspections in New York. Inspections in the US may differ from inspections in the UK. However, any home inspector is supposed to disclose and submit reports about specific and general areas of the house. Home buyers, particularly the first timers, might not be able to fully decipher and understand home inspection reports. Many Continue Reading ...

Home Inspectors Usually Look Into

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Are you out in the market to sell your home, then a home inspector is what you need to check out your home and here are the most common things home inspectors usually look into. Generally, the primary task of home inspectors is to examine and determine the present condition of a house or real estate property, to make sure if the house needs to have improvements or need minor or major repairs. This process is also conducted to ensure the protection and reliability of a house being sold in the Continue Reading ...

Good Investment Protector

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A good home inspection process is something that most people should know about and many may not like the idea, but truth be told that a good home inspector can be one important person who can help protect an investment. Some people consider home inspectors as doomsayers, realistically; they are actually your next best friends in ensuring you get the value for your money when investing in a home. Generally a home inspection process is the visual examination of a house's physical structure, Continue Reading ...

Home Inspection Differences

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Whether you are buying or selling a home, having the property inspected is an important part of the process. However, do not think that there are no important differences depending upon which side of the transaction you are on. A buyer's home inspection is not the same as a seller's home inspection. You need to understand how each process is intended to work. In either case, the point of a home inspection is to examine the property for signs of damage or weakness. This way, any potential Continue Reading ...

Home Inspection Preparation

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Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection Speed up your home sale by preparing your home ahead of time using the following tips. Your home inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing. Confirm that that the water, electrical and gas services are turned on (including pilot lights). Make sure your pets won't hinder your home inspection. Ideally, they should be removed from the premises or secured outside. Tell your agent about any pets at home. Replace burned-out Continue Reading ...