A Buyer’s Home Inspection Guide

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An essential part of all real estate transaction, home inspection has the goal of educating the buyer on the present shape of a house on sale. While the objective is the same, a buyer’s inspection is actually different from a seller’s inspection. A seller’s inspection happens before a house is put on the market to help determine the value of the property. A buyer’s inspection is done to help a future homeowner make a decision on buying the property.

How Does a Home Inspection Work?

It’s not a surprise that everyone who gets around to buying a house can get all excited about the idea. Sometimes too excited to be unemotional and preserve a sound judgment. Everything seems so nice. You can even imagine potential renovations and expansions. And who can blame you? You’re building a home and one that will probably be your only home for a lifetime!

A home inspection is something you need to include in your plans, even if it means saying no to your dream house for quality reasons. With a home inspection, you have the opportunity to ask for an expert’s feedback on every detail of the house.  Since you are the buyer and future homeowner, the report you will get after the home inspection will be more in-depth and detailed. This is because the inspector wants to expose all the realities about the property—it’s potential for both improvements and defects.

If the outcome of the inspection suggests that the house is not to your satisfaction or standards, then you have several options to consider. First, you can negotiate with the seller on taking care of the needed repairs without billing you. If this is not something the seller has time for, you can also ask to deduct the repair costs from the price of the property. If it turns out that you are going to have a hard time living with the issues, you can also look elsewhere for your future home.

The most important thing a home inspection does for the buyer is that it saves them from not just from money but from the disappointment of future costly repairs. The Home Inspection Man offers a comprehensive buyers’ home inspection for buyers in Chicago. Contact us for a schedule.

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